Saturday, May 17, 2008

This pattern comes from a Fan and Feather dishcloth found at

Decide the width you want your blanket to be. The pattern is an 18 stitch repeat and add the number of stitches you want for a border. Use knitting markers to keep track of the 18 stitch pattern, it will save you from having to tear out sections and save you time.

This is a mindless lace pattern, or nearly mindless knitting for only 1 of the 4 rows of the pattern requires you to attend to it and after you have knit it a bit you will find the stitch markers keep you on track and it becomes nearly mindless on that row too. The difference I love about this pattern is that it becomes a one sided fabric with a right and wrong side, the difference on the right side is lovely!

Cast on the number of desired stitches bearing in mind your borders and the 18 stitch pattern repeat. 

Knit 8 rows for a border, then begin the pattern. (I used 6 stitches for my side border at each end. 

Row 1: K6, K to last 6 stitches and K6
Row 2: K6, P to last 6 stitches and K6
Row 3: K6,* (K2tog) 3 times; (YO, K1) 6 times; (K2tog) 3 times; repeat from * until last 6 stitches, K6
Row 4: K6, P to last 6 stitches, and K6

Repeat these four rows until your blanket is the size you desire with a repeat of 8 rows of knitting for a garter stitch end. Cast off loosely. Weave in ends, wash, block, and dry.

Voila! A washable heirloom appearance that is perfect for a baby or if made larger, a lovely elegant afghn or lap blanket for the guest room or your favorite reading chair.

Enjoy, enjoy! Its a good beginner lace pattern.

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