Sunday, May 11, 2008

Saturday, May 10th I was a nervous woman. I had prepared for weeks to give a 30 minute speech at my church's annual Mother Daughter brunch. The lovely time was a tea - be still my heart! They had the lovely idea of using the flowering teas as the centerpiece and how they pulled it together is show stopping! We got to watch the tea unfold and blossom during the time we sipped, savored, and giggled our way through the delightful foods and beverages. Two of my guests were bold enough to try a taste and they liked the tea.

The display tea was purchased at our local Linen and Things store. Its sold in a canister of 12 packages with one display tea ball in each or smaller canisters of 3 individually wrapped tea 'balls'. If you use their 20% off coupons you can really get them down to about $1 each! Each display tea 'ball' can be used 3 to 4 times so you can sit and enjoy many pots of tea with friends enjoying the show of the tea unfurling into lovely works of art.

Enjoy the photos - the tables were so pretty, the food plentiful and delicious, and the company, grande!

It is always wonderful confirmation when the blessing for the food, the introductions, etc. all mention the direction ones talk is going - and none of us had shared our thoughts ahead of time. I spoke relating the flowering teas on the table and how they represent so much about the ages and stages of women, the legacy we Christian women have the privilege and calling to pass along to others, and some humor about being a grandmother, mother, daughter, aunt, sister, and friend. The attendees laughed, cried, grinned, and listened. 

I am so grateful the words I shared were ones that touched their hearts. That made all the hours of research, prayer, 'listening', watching, and writing worthwhile. I once again admire and am amazed that anyone could write a book. It is SUCH work to create a new topic and flesh it out to inform, inspire, and entertain a group of women from age 4 to 98!

It was delightful to share it with a table of 8 friends - women of all ages, one mother-daughter team, one step-mom/daughter team, and the rest of us without our children, or a single women. . . . so we celebrated sisterhood at our table and had a good time.

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