Saturday, May 17, 2008

Another week has come and gone! And in this week I've finished up a long course of Bible study, enjoyed it SO much. We studied the Gospel of John, part 1. The last class was on Lazarus' being raised. It was a fabulous ending to the spring study. We had lunch after class and the group brought the food - all so very good. I hope to get the recipes and share them online here.

On the needles, I finished up a dishcloth I'd begun in April and returned to my first fan and feather baby blanket I started in April, too. I am in LOVE with this pattern. I found a variation on it that creates a right and wrong side. It is beautiful! See the photos? 

While I'm knitting I'm listening to an unabridged book, a Debbie Macomber. Its a newly released one Twenty Wishes. Its a perfect book to listen to while knitting. I recommend it to all.

Today we finally got to work in our yard. I filled two big pots with plants, one is to be my herb kitchen garden the other is my floral garden. We had a new patio put in this winter and well, they covered my former flower bed so I'm going to be a gardening in containers this year. With work and other interests it may be just the size for this season in my life now.

I also potted my front pots by our door, I love Caladiums, the ones that are only white with green, no touch of red in them. My grandmother had caladiums around her very modern home in Tulsa when she was alive. That remembrance became a tradition of my own some years ago. I buy the bulbs at Walmart or Lowes in Feb/March each year when such bulbs are for sale. Then I hold them until May to plant as the ground temperature must be rather warm before they can do well. So, today was just that day. I can't wait to see them up and gracing the entrance of my front porch. When they come up I'll post a photo. 

I also need to find a new front door wreath. We did a major home decluttering last year when our home's foundation was repaired as everything inside had to be put in the garage and well, since we were boxing it all up, we went through things quickly.  I tossed out my years of collecting silk flowers that I used to adorn a plain basic grapevine wreath on the front door. I have a silk-like ivy wrapped around it and changed the flowers to be seasonal colors - it was easy and very dramatic. Many of my friends thought I had 12 wreaths, one for each month. I told them that all I did was put in or pull out the flowers and make them fit the month's colors or season. I learned them from my walking buddy. 

Enjoy the photos. . . perhaps it will inspire someone else to knit a blanket in fan and feather. Its an easy lace to knit and I LOVE the impact. It looks so ornate and yet is only a 4 row pattern with only one row needing attention. 

I'll post the pattern next.

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