Saturday, November 08, 2008

Where in the world has she been?
Well, busy for one. And I have been places: Dallas, Italy, Oklahoma City, you no, 'been places'.  Work has been nearly full time, home life - yard work continues, Bible study has been so practical it has taken time to take it in and live it out, family life - visits to see our precious grandbaby and daughter and son-in-love.  Life has been rich and full.
At such seasons I made the decision to use my time and energy for what are my highest priorities. I missed preparing blog posts; I didn't forget I had this blogspot, really. I just knew I had to keep pressing on.
Next weekend we say a precious goodbye - which means truly "God be with you!" to our daughter, son-in-love, and granddaughter. They are flying out of DFW to London and then onto Nairobi, Kenya. Their mission? Southern Sudan. When the new year dawns they will enter Sudan and begin the work that God will lead them into. If you pray, pray for them, pray us parents/grandparents as we give our blessing in words and deed so they are free to follow our Lord. Thank you!
As I study the gospel of John, I am reminded of how Jesus truly loved and thus understood the needs of His disciples. He patiently gave them a heads-up on what was about to develop as He walked into His arrest, trial, and crucifixion. He gave them an awareness of the time He would be dead and then alive. He prepared them with hope of a future with the presence of His Spirit; He would send them God's Spirit to comfort, remind them, and direct them into the greater work, work greater than even Jesus did - they would take the truth into the world, from close to home to far places.  We are never alone in this life, we are never orphans. He is within us, resident, available, willing to lead us into the abundant life, deep joy, and true peace.
What 'bit of earth' do you tred each day? What area of this earth has God given you to reach with His message of truth and hope? I ask myself this question, too. Am I aware of His-opportunities in my heartaches, heart breaks, joys, delights, and basic everyday life? Am I living in the present so I am available to listen to those with whom I sit? work with or for? serve? am served by? pass by? assist? 
Lord, make me mindful of Your voice, Your leading, Your nudges to re-present you to this world that is lost, to my fellow believers who need re-minders of Your truth. To review Who you are - and to be grateful . . . . grateful for all we received from the hands of God. 
Rambling on, but its a beginning of being back in the seat of the writer of this blog.
Enjoy the photos, a variety of the past weeks. . . . knitting scarves for loved ones, a prayer shawl for a new friend undergoing recovery from cancer surgery, etc. 
This posts scripture verse is for my daughter and son-in-love, its a small part of my blessing for their work on the mission field that begins in a week.
Truth for Life
I thank God every time I remember you. In my prayers for all of you, I always pray for joy.
Philippians 1:3-4

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Debby said...

I'm glad you're back in the blogseat. I've missed your thoughts and scripture. I think you will need prayers as well as you see your precious children and grandchildren off to serve.