Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What is your treasure and upon what are you hanging it?

This morning I awoke and was resting in bed, checking the weather and my email via iPhone when I heard a loud and long crash of what sounded like china in the house. I'm so grateful it was in the morning and not at night - for I'd have assumed someone was IN my house with me.

I discovered that a teacup shelf unit had fallen - and with it came 6 teacups and saucers. Broken bits of pretty china were all about the dining room. Oh, my!

To work I went sweeping up the bits and peaces, checking which cups I had 'lost'.

Then I set about to check the cause of the shelf falling from the wall. I found that the hook upon which it was held had wiggled out due to: vibrations of our washer and dryer that are placed on the opposite side of the same wall in the utility room. We have had rain, rain, and more rain along with thunder this week and I think that the weather caused the last bit of the hook/nail fixture to wiggle the last millimeter out of the wall - and C R A S H !

Behold - I was grateful to know the sound did not cause me fear, just curiosity, did not cause me grief and tears, just surprise and housework at 6:30 a.m.

As I was reviewing for Bible study this morning I was reminded that we often treasure things/people/relationships above God. The test of this incident revealed to me that I did not treasure my china tea cups, even if I enjoy them, use them, and use them as decor in my living room. I thank God that He revealed to me what I did not treasure.

What gives me greater joy? What do I find delight in and think on throughout each day?

I treasure God and His Word! I hang onto the words of God, more than my necessary food. (to paraphrase (Job 23:12)

On what do we hang our treasure? What do we think will keep it secure?

I was the one who hung up the shelf that came down this morning. I did not think to check it on occasion for safety, I will now, but I did not think about the impact of the world's vibrations through the daily chores of washing clothes plus the storms of life adding its own. And over a period of time, day by day the hook was weakened and unsecured until it could not hold the shelf much less the cups and saucers - and so it all came tumbling down.

What is your true treasure? May this little incident give you pause to reflect with me upon what you value. Join me in humble self-evaluation and consider to what you hold in clinched fist. What will you offer up to God. And what will you treasure that is everlasting, can't be stolen, won't age or deteriorate.

You know what I purpose to treasure, now its your turn to respond.

Truth For Life
For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.
Luke 12:34

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