Sunday, May 03, 2009

Truth For Life
Be joyful in hope,
patient in affliction,
faithful in prayer.

Romans 12:12

I am having the great joy of witnessing others initiating faith in Christ. . . one is just now seeking Him out in the midst of painful circumstances, bad history, and former hopelessness. I am crossing paths with points in lives that shout out "God At Work Here, Now!"

I am in awe of these conversations in my relationship with these people. Another is seeking God out but has chosen for now, a path that does not lead to truth, but into a cult. Another has an ailing parent, their other parent is newly deceased and they have become the ailing parent's caregiver/counselor. They are weary, beaten down by some things, lifted up by other's, showing by their actions, words, and life that they know life doesn't have to be as it has been. They are seeking, asking, looking, and reading the Bible regularly. Some ask me questions about scripture passages or quotes from their reading material and God has provided me guidance for when to speak and when to listen, when to question them, and when to hug, encourage, and rejoice with them. I pray for daily light and truth as these precious ones seek Christ.

As these encounters are occurring more regularly in my life this year, both at places of work and in my neighborhood, I am finding the above verse to be truth I have newly experienced. It is humbling, scary, and exciting. It gives me greater hope, a willingness to be more patient with them and God working in them, and to be all the more faithful in prayer.

I love technology and use it daily, by choice, for my work doesn't require much use of it on a day to day basis. But I love to learn how to use what tools I have so I can benefit from them as much as my life requires for ease in scheduling, remembering people, events, and to-do's. All to find balance so I can enjoy live, respond to others rather than reacting; I do not use technology for the purpose of organizing (read: stuffing) MORE into my day for the sake of getting MORE done to get MORE done. . . but to gently remind me at appropriate times in my day what to remember and not forget so the essentials are pushed to the side by the cares and worries of this world.

One way I do this is to use my phone's calendar reminder component to remind me to pray for specific people at times of day that 'fit' who I am remembering in prayer. Have you ever used your phone's calendar or computer calendar for such reminders?

It has helped me SO much as I awaken before dawn to begin my day with thanksgiving and prayers in my heart and on my lips for my husband and son who rise first. At noon I remember a friend whose class room is unsettled due to a student breaking a law and becoming incarcerated. The friend needs peace wisdom, courage, and boldness, the students need peace, perspective, and focus. In the evening I pray for recently widowed family members who are only too alone as the moon arises each evening. And I pray as I close my own eyes for my daughter and her family who are just then rising from their beds to begin the new day that God has already created.

Tell me what tools assist you in remembering to pray for those you pray for on a regular basis. I'd love to know and dear reader(s), we will learn from one another.

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