Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mother's Day came and went. . . but the memory lives on.

I got to spend it with our family at church followed by a lovely buffet lunch at my mother-in-loves retirement community. I wore a new dress and a corsage made with a rose my daughter had arranged to be delivered by her best friend so I'd have a white rose. (my daughter lives in southern Sudan) A white rose corsage is my tradition each year  in remembrance of my mom who died at age 57 from Lou Gehrig's disease.

It was a relaxing calm quiet day - perfect! I was with family and for a very brief time I got to speak with our daughter via iPhone and Skype! That was the cherry on the top of the day.

That morning at church was busy - I was given the unexpected honor or reading the scriptures in one service before which I had volunteered to help hand out free Bible study books for all women who attended church as they departed from the earlier service. It gave me the chance to hug, greet, and speak to many women, a treat for me!

I have not posted in a while due to various computer, router, and iPhone difficulties. All fixed now, PTL! It took time but all worked out. Got a new hard-drive in the laptop and they replaced my laptop keyboard frame to boot! (I had a tiny split edge which I kept firmly affixed with a piece of clear tape.) Happy Day when I got it but I still need to reload some software and then put some of my backed up files onto the new hard drive. 
Perhaps this long Memorial Day weekend will be just the ticket.

Memorial Day 
How can we Americans say thank you for our freedoms? First with thanks to God, then with thanks to the men and women who have served or are serving our country. For their valor, we are still free. I'm blessed to be born in America.  I have done some travels out of our country and when I return home I am always grateful to be a citizen of the United States, we have many privileges, rights, and responsibilities that no other country has. That said, I will end with a verse that challenges and humbles me.

Truth For Life
Much will be required of everyone who has been given much.
And even more will be expected of the one who has been entrusted with more.
Luke 12: 48b

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