Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Tool that is new to me!

I am a reader. 

I love learning: all topics practical for life as a wife, 
mother, grandmother, Spiritual growth, hobbies, you name it. 

At one point in my life as I was picking out some new very good 
books at our church library I had a thought 
'when will you study My book?'. 


That stopped me cold. 

Now, I want to tell you that I read good books, good authors, 
many well known,well balanced authors. . . 
but I didn't regularly read much less study the Bible itself.

 I decided then and there to seek a means to study the Bible 
so I could know God myself, 
to know what He considered important. 
That began my quest for a way to understand how to do that. 
Over time I found the inductive study method through 
Precept Ministries Bible studies. 

I chose that method of Bible study after trying 
innumerable study materials. 
I had a neighbor who understood her Bible better 
than a group of 10 other neighbors 
and we were amazed at her clear understanding 
and recall of what she studied. 
I knew then that I would try her Bible study course 
when my kids got into school. 
When they did, I did! 

The study method filled a void in my spiritual growth 
such that I have studied the Bible seriously since then 
attending Precept Bible studies and later leading them. 
I've been challenged and changed by this exposure. 

Always a learner, this past month 
I became aware of a new magazine 
that is focused upon Bible study. 

That peaked my interest!

I checked their website at Bible Study Magazine 
and was able to get a trial copy to preview. 
Upon receiving it we immediately subscribed. 
The issue had great articles on how to compare various 
Bible translations, study methods, the value of study, etc. 
If you are wanting to learn how to study the Bible for yourself, 
to get to know God through His Word, 
to allow His Holy Spirit to give you understanding,
this would be a perfect tool to help you in that learning process. 

As you allow God's Word to be your primary reading material 
you will find God and His ways becoming the influence 
in your life and view of life.  
You will develop discernment 
which is lacking in American Christianity today.

Someday I hope to own Logos Bible study software 
produced by the same company that publishes this new magazine.  
I use an Apple computer and they just released the software 
in the Mac format this year. I have it on my wish list. . . 
perhaps in time I'll have it to use 
as I study God's Word for myself and for my Precept class. 
There are so many variations in the packages of software 
so I'm slowly looking at the differences 
in order to discern what I'd use most.

So, as you read your Bible and come upon things you find 
confusing, know that there are tools to help you 
understand the times in which it was written, 
the people who wrote it 
and to whom it was written, 
so that you can honorably/accurately translate 
it into what applies 
and how it applies to us today. 

Understanding your Bible is something that we Christians 
should surely pursue so our lives are transformed 
into Christ's image not our own idea of Christ's image. 
In the process our faith will be increased to believe in Him 
such that it is actually seen in our lives. 

You can view the editor as he shows you the insides 
of the issue we received. 
There are three issues out now. . . can't wait to get our next one!

Truths or Life
Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path
Psalm 119:105

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