Sunday, August 31, 2008

Labor Day is upon us!
Monday is set aside to honor those who labor. Its a day to rest, relax, and spend with family and friends. Its a gift of time. It marks the end of summer for us in North America. And it marks the time of the new school year, fall activities, and leads to the end of year holidays. Its a time to consider the use of the time we have ahead before the next year is rung in.
Is there time in your calendar for a tea party for one, two, or more? Is there time for a meal hosted at home with family and friends? Is there time to do what you truly feel God has called you to do? Are there hours in your days, moments in those hours, in which you might want to schedule making calls, writing cards, placing emails to connect with others and plan times to actually be together? Before you fill your days with to-do's fill in to-be's. What are you called to be? 
Is there time in your day to be quiet, to open God's Word, to read thoughtfully, listening intently, noting what God reveals to you? Is there time to ponder upon what you read? Is there time to put feet to what you learn? Is there time to journal, to record your thoughts, your prayers, your cares? Is there time to serve others that God nudges you to serve? Is there time for more than yourself and your family and your job? Not loads of time, but any time to respond rather than react? To care for those who are todays "widows, orphans, and strangers" that God asked the nation of Israel to care for - their care mattered to Him then and it matters to Him now. When I'm too busy to care, I'm too busy. I have resembled that last remark more often than I care to admit just now.
I agree, it is a constant challenge in our time on earth to live lives that count for eternity. There is time that is measurable such as our calendars, day-timers, daily work schedules, etc. How can we adjust those details to allow space in our lives for a cup of tea with a spouse, friend, child, or neighbor? Is there time in those slots to really hear someone else's heart? Is there time to respond to a need when you feel the nudge to reach out to another? To remember that someone in  your prayers each day? 
There is time to plan for those openings, they may not be actually scheduled in with a certain name, date, etc. ahead of time; but if we leave space in our lives, emotional and physical space, we will be more present in life. We will feel more fulfilled, we will be more in tune with God's leading. This will give us the experience of timely acts and responses. We will have time that touches another, that receives as well.  We will use our time wisely, and find in that, we may sense His leading us. both to do and at times to not step in to help. 
We will also sense when our limits are being reached and learn to graciously to allow others to fill in the time needed by another.
Dear reader, I know this is not new to you, it is perhaps a 'known' fact for most of you. But for today's post I felt it time to re-member these things. There is time for what is needed, there is time to care, there is time to share, and there is time to rest. 
There is time for God, there is time for His Word. 
There is time to stop, boil water, steep tea, prepare the cup, to sit and savor life. Too often we live life gulp by gulp, purposing to get as much done as possible, to be productive, to make our goals, to set higher goals, to delegate, defer, or take on and take over. You alone know what you tend to do.
Yet its time, to look at our use of time, be purposeful in our use of it. We will get no extra time, no matter how fast we run through a day. How do I know about this? I've 'researched' it thoroughly.


And been humbled, jumbled, perplexed, fatigued, drained by some of my 'plans' and yet, I'm beginning to know that its always best to stay humble, to be flexible, to allow space in my life, to do what I can in the time that I have and not worry about the time "I don't have", to focus on the task before me (especially since most of my tasks are caring for people!) and to let God be God. To demonstrate by my daily plans that God is for me, in me, and works through me as well as others.
Let us learn from His Word, we are made in His image but we are not Him. There is a distinct difference. *smile* Let us trust Him to guide us in the use of our time: the time we plan and the time that is timely. 
Truth for Life
What do people really get for all their hard work? 
I have seen the burden God has placed on us all. 
Yet God has made everything beautiful in its own time. 
He has planted eternity in the human heart, but even so, 
people cannot see the whole scope of God's work from beginning to end.
Ecclesiastes 3:9-11

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rochard said...

Hi, Denise! I really enjoyed reading through your posts today. Thanks so much for the afghan idea you left on my blog. It gave me an idea for other ways to use up my odd bits of yarn.

Avery is adorable. What a doll. Grandchildren are one of the great joys of life. In fact, family tops all other joys by a mile.

Big hugs and good wishes. Sally