Friday, August 22, 2008

"Deer in the headlights!"

Left the house at 6 this morning to head to Oklahoma City. I had a seminar to attend for the day. I was going to meet a friend. I was ready, listening to a CD on John 15. And. . . . oh, no! I saw him, he saw me, he was young, uncertain. . . . stopped, started, stopped, and started again - right into my lane. Yes, a deer! Perhaps the headlights confused him, I slowed, I tried to anticipate his choice of direction to avoid him, but that was not possible. He ran right towards my car. I nearly missed him, nearly.


It was awful. 

I am grateful I did not lose control of the car, I did not hit anyone, no one else hit me or the deer. It died - I felt great grief. I continued to slow down and drove to the side of the road as soon as it was safe traffic-wise.  My car was functioning well. . . but when I got out to look at the evidence - well, it was NOT a pretty picture. I had lights hanging from cords, dangling from the 'sockets' they had been firmly affixed to for years. . .  and the front hood was bent up, the grill broken, sighhhhh. I have an 11 year old vehicle with 140, 000 miles but it is paid for, drives well, gets great mileage, and well, its not time for us to replace it. 
Tonight it resides in a body shop, it awaits an estimate from our insurance company. The body shop feels they can fix it. They said it was worth repairing and in their opinion 'is not totaled'. I pray not.
My dear husband came to me and gave me his car so I could continue on. I had a headache but otherwise was unharmed. I had adrenaline flowing but was able to get into his much larger vehicle and complete the trip. I had the whole incident in the back of my mind as I listened to 6 hours of teaching on medications and their impact on my work in physical rehab. My friend was not able to attend as she had a major car breakdown in southern Oklahoma and had to spend the day limping to a city far from her breakdown, paying huge towing costs, in order to get up and running. We kept in touch and by tonight she was headed to her Saturday seminar destination. 
So, until Monday, I do not know the direction I will be taking. I will either be picking up a rental on the insurance company or receiving a small check and looking for another good used reliable means of transportation car, in tidy shape inside and out. Its in God's hands - as the whole day was. From sun up to sundown, and all through the night. He is in charge, overseeing, protecting, providing, and guiding.
Tonight, I am home, safe, sound, just car-less for the time being. It could be an entirely different scenario - and for that I am most grateful.  On my way home I looked, fearful to see it, but did not see the deer carcass on the road. I knew I'd cry if I saw it. I teared up as I looked for it. But it had already been removed from the highway. "Life goes on." I am alive, I have no pain, I am humbled. 
I'll never hear the quote: "like a deer caught in the headlights" without remembering this morning. It was surreal.  I wish you a very safe weekend, time to reflect upon God's presence, His wisdom, and His truth. Tonight, I thank the Lord for His protection and safe keeping.

Truth For Life
I will lie down and sleep in peace,
for you alone, O LORD, make me dwell in safety.
Psalm 4:8

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