Monday, February 08, 2010

Tea Time

in Las Vegas

I had the opportunity to visit Las Vegas with my husband

and while he was busy at his work related seminar

I met up with a tea friend I've only known through our online tea group

After a morning and early afternoon of shopping 'our' kind of stores:

TJMaxx, Stein Mart, Big Lots!

we wrapped up our time together by enjoying afternoon tea at a new tea spot.

Its one that if you are ever in Las Vegas and you enjoy afternoon tea. . .

you must plan to have tea here, if not that, plan breakfast or lunch!

The place?

Why the tea room at Simple Elegance In Cake Design

3655 South Durango

South of Spring Mountain Road

Las Vegas, NV 89147

It is easy to find and oh, so worth the time to make a reservation!

Look inside!

Here are 2 views. . .

My place setting, my napkin was already
in my lap, in case you are wondering

A just poured cup, our host poured
each and every cup we sipped

My tea needed just a drop of honey and it, too,
was served by the host,Dane Barthea

The honey was served from the cutest honey bee server!

The tea sandwiches!
They included chicken salad, egg salad, cucumber,
sausage roll, and salmon mousse and
were served with grace and style

a close up of the selection,
so many to choose from

and then it was time for freshly baked, warm scones!
They were baked with love.
We each were served two, one heart shaped

and scones are not complete with out
very berry jam, lemon and lime curds, and 'devonshire cream'
all made by our host

when we were about to say 'no more!'
our host brought forth the sweet treats of:
praline pecan cheesecake oval,
rum bread pudding,
mini-palmiers with a swirl of his buttercream icing
(the icing was for our tasting - we had asked
to try his own recipe for his cakes)
and there were delicious heart pastries
filled with something that escapes my memory,
too many taste sensations,
I was on overload! (but smiling!)

Here is Dane and my teafriend Lady Patricia

And yours truly with Lady Patricia after the
delightful and simply elegant afternoon tea.

There is nothing quite like meeting a friend you have
known like a pen pal for years,
and then one day, at last,
you have the occasion to meet in person!

We spoke non-talk from the moment
I exited my rental car in her driveway.

We sipped cups and cups of tea,
shopped, sipped, nibbled, laughed,
compared notes, and laughed and laughed.

It was a treasured tea time!

We gave our afternoon tea at
Simple Elegance a 4 teapot rating!

Thank you, Dane!

Truth For Life

Peace be to you
The friends greet you
Greet the friends by name.
3 John 1:15

Here is a second one:

More Truth For Life

Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers,
for by this some have entertained angels without knowing it.
Hebrews 13:2

(You just knew I'd find a verse that 'fit' this occasion as usual, didn't you?)


Marilyn said...

Thanks for sharing the menu and wonderful pictures. Is that the same Lady Patricia that use to have a Las Vegas tearoom? If so, I once visited her tearoom there and enjoyed it too.

Rosemary said...

That was a fun post Denise. I enjoyed the photos and your descriptive detail. I was also at Lady Patricia's tearoom in Las Vegas years ago, with Marilyn and Val, among other. Small world!